Traditional Bentonite Cat Litter

Fragrance : Lemon, Lavender, Apple, Coffee or Added Special Flavor as Requested 

Color : Grey White, Usually 2% Red/Blue Added as Request

Diameter : 1 ~ 3.5mm,   1 ~ 2mm,   2 ~ 4mm

Absorption rate : 400%

Dust : 1%

Package : 5kg , 10kg , 20kg and Customized 


Affordable : Traditional bentonite cat litter is made from bentonite powder and is relatively affordable, providing pet owners with an economical shopping option.

Excellent adsorption : Despite its low price, traditional bentonite cat litter still has good adsorption capacity and can effectively absorb odors and keep the room fresh.

Light and easy to clean : The particles are light and easy to clean, making daily cat litter easier and reducing the cleaning burden of pet owners.

Natural and environmentally friendly : As a bentonite product, traditional bentonite cat litter is naturally harmless, does not contain harmful chemicals, is environmentally friendly, and conforms to the concept of sustainable living.


Smaller Pellets : Due to the smaller size of the pellets, it may not be suitable for long-haired cats as the pellets may stick to their coat.

Generates dust : Compared with other cat litters, traditional bentonite cat litter dust will be larger. It is recommended to maintain ventilation when using it.

Short life cycle : Due to the relatively small particles and strong adsorption, they may stick to the bottom of the cat litter box, requiring the cat litter to be replaced more frequently to ensure that pets enjoy a clean environment.

Can’t be flushed into toilet : Since it is an earthen product, pouring it into the toilet can easily cause blockage.

Product Details

Bentoniet Kattenbakvulling

Q1: Do you accept OEM?

A: Yes!

Q2: What is your packaging?

A: Generally, we use existing packaging. If need, we can use your packaging or design packaging for you.

Q3: What is your MOQ?

A: Usually we require a 20 GP as the minimum order quantity, and the minimum order quantity for the first cooperation is 1 ton.

Q4: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes!

Q5: How do we ensure quality?

A: We will keep samples before shipment, which undergo strict quality testing before leaving the factory and support third-party testing.

Q6: How long is your delivery time?

A: It depends on your order quantity and product, the customer will be informed before confirming the order.

Q7: What is your payment method?

A: The payment method is T/T, minimum 30% advance payment, and the balance is paid before shipment.

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