Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter

Ingredients: Sodium Bentonite, Deodorizing factor, Activated carbon, Zeolite particles

Color : White,  Black

Diameter : 0.5 ~ 2.5mm

Absorption rate : 300%

Dust : 1%

Package : 2.5kg , 4.5kg , 5kg , 10kg , 20kg and Customized


Powerful deodorizing technology: Our sodium bentonite cat litter adopts high-tech powerful deodorizing technology, adding deodorizing factors, activated carbon, zeolite and sodium bicarbonate to suppress odor in all aspects and create a fresh use for your cat. environment.

Rapid moisture absorption: Sodium bentonite has excellent moisture absorption capacity. The granular structure allows the cat litter to quickly absorb urine and keep cats in a dry environment.

Long service life: It uses a variety of deodorizing technologies and has strong deodorizing ability. It does not need to be replaced frequently, just add it, saving costs.

Natural and environmentally friendly: As a natural mineral sodium bentonite, sodium bentonite cat litter does not contain harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly, ensuring the safety and health of pets.

Uniform particles and comfortable touch: The carefully designed uniform particles not only provide excellent adsorption performance, but also provide cats with a comfortable touch, making use more pleasant.


Relatively high cost: Due to the use of high-end technology and the addition of various deodorizing ingredients, this cat litter may be slightly higher in price compared to some traditional bentonite cat litters.

Larger Particles: Some cats may prefer litter with smaller particles, and sodium bentonite cat litter has relatively larger particles.

Can’t to flush into toilet: Sodium bentonite cat litter cannot be poured directly into the toilet because it cannot dissolve in water.

Product Details

Natriumbentoniet Kattenbakvulling
Bentoniet Kattenbakvulling

Q1: Do you accept OEM?

A: Yes!

Q2: What is your packaging?

A: Generally, we use existing packaging. If need, we can use your packaging or design packaging for you.

Q3: What is your MOQ?

A: Usually we require a 20 GP as the minimum order quantity, and the minimum order quantity for the first cooperation is 1 ton.

Q4: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes!

Q5: How do we ensure quality?

A: We will keep samples before shipment, which undergo strict quality testing before leaving the factory and support third-party testing.

Q6: How long is your delivery time?

A: It depends on your order quantity and product, the customer will be informed before confirming the order.

Q7: What is your payment method?

A: The payment method is T/T, minimum 30% advance payment, and the balance is paid before shipment.

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