Evaluation and Comparison of 4 Types of Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter, mixed cat litter, spherical bentonite cat litter, sodium bentonite cat litter

Many poop scavengers are looking for a useful cat litter. Today, we will introduce the four common types of cat litter and compare them, so that everyone can choose a cat litter that suits them.

Tofu cat litter

💡Technology: Made from tofu residue, corn, starch and other main raw materials, it is highly degradable.
✅Advantages: It can form into a ball quickly and has good water absorption. Can flush the toilet.
🚫Disadvantages: The consumption is quite large, which can’t be afforded by families with many cats. Not very effective in deodorizing.

Mixed cat litter

💡Technology: The mixture of tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter can make up for each other’s shortcomings.
✅Advantages: Compared with tofu cat litter, it has better wrapping properties, better clumping ability, and better deodorizing properties.
🚫Disadvantages: The dust is slightly larger than tofu cat litter. It is not recommended to flush the toilet directly as it may cause blockage.

Spherical bentonite cat litter

💡Technology: The most common one is calcium bentonite, the main component of which is montmorillonite itself.
✅Advantages: Calcium bentonite is very cheap and has good hygroscopicity, but it is easy to scatter. Deodorizing effect is also good.
🚫Disadvantages: Very dusty, not environmentally friendly, easy to cause urinary tract infection in cats and damage respiratory system, endangering health.

Sodium bentonite cat litter

💡Technology: High-end series of bentonite cat litter, most of the raw materials are sodium-based ores.
✅Advantages: Cat litter made from sodium bentonite has high hardness, better adsorption and wrapping properties than calcium bentonite, and is very suitable for cat litter.
🚫Disadvantages: Unable to flush into toilet.

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