Global Cat Litter Market

Growth Trends, Competitive Landscape And Prospects

Cat litter is a material used to dispose of cat waste. It is commonly used in litter boxes or cat toilets to collect and contain your cat's urine and feces. The purpose of cat litter is to keep your cat’s living environment clean and hygienic while reducing odor and making cleanup easier.

Current development status and growth trends of the global cat litter market

According to APO Market Research, the global cat litter market will grow at a CAGR of 4.48% during the forecast period (2023 to 2030).

The pet industry has been on a growth trend over the past few years, and that includes the cat litter market. As more and more families choose to keep cats as pet companions, the demand for cat litter has also increased accordingly. People are paying more and more attention to the health and comfort of their pets, so the demand for cat litter with high absorbency, deodorizing effect and environmentally friendly performance is also rising.

In the cat litter market, various types of products have emerged, such as traditional fine litter, clumping cat litter, plant fiber cat litter, and silica gel cat litter. Consumers have a higher preference for cat litter products that are more convenient and easy to use, have good deodorizing effect, and have strong environmental performance.

Rising cat ownership rates globally are expected to have a positive impact on market expansion. Most cat owners prefer to keep their cats indoors due to multiple factors, including human aversion and unfavorable weather, and these variables are expected to drive product demand over the forecast period. The market is driven by cat litter products as cat litter is essential for maintaining the health of cats and residents in the home.

In addition, innovative biodegradable, fragrance-free and chemical-free natural sand is in high demand and production is increasing. Due to the negative impact clay and silica-based cat litters have on the environment and human health, cat owners are looking for more natural and environmentally friendly options for their pets. Producers will have new opportunities to replace bentonite waste with environmentally friendly waste. Domestic cats spend a lot of time in the litter box, where they inhale and eat the litter, adding to the pressure to reduce the chemical content of the litter box. Therefore, as pet health awareness increases, the market for natural cat litter is also accelerating.

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